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    Elliot Stone and the Mystery of the Summer Vacation Sea Monster

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  • The Good Fun! Book

    The Good Fun! Book

    What could be better than having fun while doing a world of good?

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  • The Teacher Who Would Not Retire! Discovers A New Planet


The Good Fun Book

The Good Fun! Book 12 Month of Parties that Celebrate Service

Hardcover: 64 pages
List Price: $15.95

ISBN13: 978-0-9792918-5-2
(Ages 7+) 
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What could be better than having fun while doing a world of good? 
Announcing The Good Fun! Book. 

Written by Karen Duncan and Kate Hannigan Issa and illustrated by Anthony Alex LeTrouneauThe Good Fun! Book hit stores on October 22, 2010, which was national Make a Difference Day! Move over Generation X, Y and Z, here comes Generation "G"enerous!  The Good Fun! Book helps young children engage in their communities to do some good, all while having a fun time. Whether it's a party to help animals or to collect sports equipment for needy kids, the 12 party plans in this book help elementary school children make a real difference in their neighborhoods - and the world - all year long. Filled with fun ideas that encourage participation and problem-solving, The Good Fun! Book includes themed party ideas, invitation suggestions, craft details, recipes, and even charity profiles.

The Good Fun! Book is a tool for parents and teachers to encourage children to participate in service projects, as well as teach them about the real-life individuals who started nonprofit agencies that help people in their communities and around the globe. It's a conversation starter, an attempt to help children become kind, responsible citizens, and a great way to help them learn about the incredible rewards that come from service to others. 

Authors Karen Duncan - a former teacher and the wife of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan -and Kate Hannigan Issa - a professional writer and editor for children - bring fresh enthusiasm to engaging and motivating kids to take action and truly help make the world a better place. Along with award-winning children's artist Anthony Alex LeTourneau, The Good Fun! Book promises to get kids excited about helping out.

Praise for The Good Fun! Book:
“This book is fun, inspiring, and it might help kids change our world. Kids love parties, and they love to help people and animals in need. What a brilliant idea to turn parties into service projects where kids actually make a difference and learn how good it feels to give back!”
— Marcia Bullard, founder of Make A Difference Day and former CEO of USA WEEKEND Magazine

“The Good Fun! Book is full of absolutely wonderful party ideas for both parents and teachers to engage children with delightful activities and crafts that will indeed be fun—and will do some good in the world. Brilliant ideas abound like making “doggy bags” full of toys and treats for dogs and cats at animal shelters (that’s the one I’ll be doing for my own daughter’s upcoming 7th birthday!). You’ll find 12 great parties for the 12 months of the year, each teaching children that giving to those less fortunate than themselves is the right thing to do—and thus joyful in and of itself. I hope this book reaches the top of the best seller lists, as it deserves to do.”
— Susan Kane, Editor-in-Chief, PARENTING Magazine

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