• Elliot Stone and the Mystery of the Summer Vacation Sea Monster

    Elliot Stone and the Mystery of the Summer Vacation Sea Monster

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    The Good Fun! Book

    What could be better than having fun while doing a world of good?

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  • The Teacher Who Would Not Retire! Discovers A New Planet


In English, Of Course

In English, Of Course

Written by Josephine Nobisso
Illustrated by Dasha Ziborova

Published by Gingerbread House
ISBN: 0-940112-07-8
All Ages

This is a delightful picture book about a little girl from Naples, Italy, trying to make herself clear in her first English-speaking classroom. As she tries to tell the story of her one and only visit to a farm, the teacher provides her with the necessary English words to tell

a humorous tale about a cow kicking her, a pig pushing a cow, and the three of them swimming in a river together. All the while, the teacher thinks she is telling a story about her whole life on a farm in Naples. Josephine, the little girl, realizes she must learn the words that best describe Naples–words such as castles and roman ruins and architectural engineers. She is eager to teach her teacher about the real beauty of this bustling city–in English, of course. I loved this story for many reasons. The illustrations are stunning, and little Josephine reminds me somehow of Madeline. The text and the illustrations truly blend to tell the story together.

When Josephine can’t find the words, the illustrations literally carry her along the journey of her farm story. I am amazed at how well I know this child after just tagging along with her for one day. The author has taken what probably amounts to a five-minute memory from her own childhood and created a vivid, dynamic character who is so alive for me by the end of the book that I wish I could tag along tomorrow, too. You can order this book through your favorite bookstore, or you can contact the publisher at www.GingerbreadBooks.com.